Cracked VPNs: What and How Much Safe They Are?

Cracked VPNs: What and How Much Safe They Are?


are cracked vpns safe to use

Cracked VPNs: What and How Much Safe They Are?

If you're a cyber geek and have somewhat a decent level of knowledge about VPNs, you would have surely seen such things posted on many places like below:
These are called 'Cracked VPNs'. They're premium VPN accounts but as the name suggests something fishy, they aren't your regular VPN accounts.
There are two ways of creating Cracked VPN accounts. The first one is to hack any user's existing account and leak its password or activation key. (Like the one shown above)
The second is that many hackers create a whole new set of program files that are similar to the original VPN's program files. 
They then distribute this pirated application online. Both kinds of accounts are called Cracked VPN accounts.
This post will discuss how safe it is to use Cracked VPN accounts and what you can use other than them.

What is a Cracked VPN account?

Do you know about how pirated copies of movies, web series, and games are distributed on the internet? In the same way, Cracked VPNs work.
When hackers get access to somebody's premium VPN account and steal it for their use, then it is known as a Cracked VPN account.
These hackers distribute such accounts further to others or even sell them at cheap prices to make a profit.
You can find hackers and carders distributing such kinds of accounts on shady websites, subreddits, Whatsapp groups, and Telegram channels.

Can Cracked VPNs protect your privacy?

The answer to this question is: it depends on your luck. If your luck's good, you can find a perfect and well-working Cracked account.
If your luck isn't good then you'll find a non-working Cracked account. Even though you can access it but then it will pose a lot of risks to your privacy.
However, if a Cracked account is working fine, then you can use it like any other normal VPN account. But still, that is not recommended. Why? Let's discuss it further.

Is it safe to use Cracked VPNs?

Now we have come to the most important part of this guide and that is: Is it safe to use Cracked VPNs?
The most simple answer is no but then your question will be why, so now we'll discuss why it isn't safe to use a Cracked VPN account.
First understand that when you use a Cracked VPN account, the risk does not come from third parties or hackers. The risk comes from the VPN account itself.

Cracked VPN puts your Data at risk

Because such accounts are already hacked or accessed by unethical means, they become vulnerable to cyber threats when they're used further.
When you use them, your data along with that account becomes vulnerable as well. Think of it this way: let's say a burglar breaks into your house.
Now he can easily take away all your belongings along with valuables from the house because now he has access to your house.
Similarly, when a hacker further hacks your Cracked VPN account, he gets access to your data which indirectly exposes it to cyber threats.
If you don't understand what we're trying to say here, just simply remember that there are chances of your data becoming prone to online threats when you use cracked accounts.

Malware risks

When you're dealing with Cracked VPN accounts or apps, a major problem can be malware and viruses.
However when you're using a Cracked VPN to surf the web, then there is no risk of malware from third parties.
The risk lies in the VPN application itself. The agent who is distributing this account to you can easily inject codes into the application and make the VPN work like malware instead.

No Customer Support and App Updates

While this is not a risk we can say it's a downside of using pirated VPN files. This can occur when you download a pirated VPN file from shady websites and use it.
As the pirated files don't have any link to the source files, you're unable to get any latest updates.
Gradually the risks of exposing your confidentiality on the Internet will increase as the files will become outdated and hackers find new ways of doing cyber attacks.
The second point is that there will be no customer support for you. So, if you're having any trouble with the application, you can't get help. 
If you buy such pirated files from fishy websites (which many sites do in the name of giving cheap services) then your money will go in vain.

What should we use if Cracked VPNs aren't Safe?

The most common reason why people start using Cracked VPNs other than using the original one is:- Affordability.
Most of the high-quality VPNs available in the market are too much expensive for people to afford these services.
Keeping this problem in mind, our solution is to use decent-quality VPNs which come for a reasonable price.
Now you may ask for some service providers that can provide the best value for money and bingo! We have already made a list regarding that which you can access here: Top Useful yet Less known VPN services.
(If you don't want to read our whole long guide and instantly jump onto the best pick, then go with HMA VPN. It is the best overall VPN service provider with decent pricing.)

Can you use Free VPNs as an alternative to Cracked VPNs?

Many people do ask this question and our answer would be no. Now the reason is that Free VPNs aren't the solution to this problem.
They are only designed to gain a hands-on experience of how VPN works and how you can browse the internet with them. They don't provide the safety and anonymity that a normal paid VPN does.
Using a free VPN and not using any VPN are the same. If you want to know further about Free VPNs and their disadvantages, read this guide: Disadvantages of Free VPN.


Our clear-cut advice is to go with a normal premium VPN, no matter for whatever purpose you want it.
If you still want to use a Cracked VPN then try to understand that you're risking your whole data, confidentiality, and personal information for just saving 2-3$ a month.
If affordability is a problem for you then remember that cheaper alternatives are always present. You can use Surfshark or HMA VPN.
Regarding Free VPNs, if you're a beginner and don't know much about VPNs then you can use them to get some basic understanding of how a VPN works.
But don't try to do any serious stuff while using a Free VPN (such as Torrenting, Financial Transactions, or any task involving your sensitive data). They only look and work like actual VPNs and don't provide security like them.

Myself Siddharth Keswani, or you can call Sid. I've been working in the cybersecurity space for 5 years. I've done a diploma in M.sc. (Hons) from Information Technology. Well, I love to write about VPNs and Wi-Fis.