About Us

We are glad that you want to know more about us, our aims, our vision and our purpose! and you are on the right page.


In November 2023, my friend and I had an idea. We were already working on a project related to cybersecurity. 
So the idea was that why shouldn't we launch a site and share the knowledge which we have about VPNs and Internet with others?
We both liked this idea and in an instant deal, we launched this site of ours. We began writing articles on VPNs, Wi-Fi, and Cybersecurity.

Our Aim

Our website comes under the tech category and is specifically focused around cybersecurity. You will find guides related to VPN, Wi-Fi, Internet, Online security, Privacy, etc.
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Our Future Vision

At present, our whole team is focused only around providing the best and useful content for our viewers! We tend to try as much as we can so that our readers can derive most out of our site.