Google's New Updates about Gmail and GEMINI AI - Cyber Repacks

Google's New Updates about Gmail and GEMINI AI - Cyber Repacks

Why did Google discontinue GEMINI AI

Google's New Updates about Gmail and GEMINI AI | Google AI

Google had to forcefully discontinue Gemini's most important feature, the AI ​​Image Generation feature due to the backlash received over biased answers. 
Google had to take this step after a major mistake caused by Gemini. Google has also apologized for Gemini's mistake.
In regard with Gmail, there are claims that Gmail is being shut down. Therefore, in August 2024, you should completely turn off Gmail. 
After that, you won't be able to use the Gmail service. There have been many claims that Gmail will end with his X, but Elon Musk has confirmed that he started Xmail.

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GEMINI AI's Controversy Explained

All Google's AI tools have been controversial and now Gemini's name has also been included in it. 
Google initially made big claims about the prosperity and fundamentals of Gemini and said that it is the most accurate and best tool but now Google itself has become embarrassed with this AI tool. 
Google has ended Gemini's most significant element, the simulated intelligence Picture Age include. 
Google needed to make this stride after a misstep by Gemini. Google has likewise apologized for Gemini's misstep.
Google has temporarily halted the feature of its Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) that generates images of people. 
This decision comes after reports of criticisms and concerns raised over inaccuracies and potential biases in the images produced by Gemini AI, mostly visible in historical contexts. Google has ended Gemini's most significant component, the artificial intelligence Picture Age include. 
Google needed to make this stride after a mist-Users and pundits brought up that Gemini was creating pictures that were not proven and factual, for example, portraying minorities in scenes where they could never have been available, and possibly propagating generalizations because of predispositions present in the man-made intelligence's preparation information made by Gemini. 
Google has likewise apologized for Gemini's slip-up. 
The controversy started ignited when users were intensified with specific examples, including the generation of racially diverse images in historically white centered or dominated scenes, leading to accusations of over-correcting for racial bias. This included creating images of racially diverse Nazis and other historical inaccuracies, which caused a huge backlash on social media and in certain communities.
Google acknowledged these issues and said that while the intentions behind Gemini's various releases were positive, the execution was "missing the mark" in certain historical accounts
In response to these criticisms, Google has been working to improve Gemini's image generation capabilities to more accurately and sensitively depict people of different races, genders, and historical backgrounds. 
The company emphasizes the importance of accurately representing global diversity and is committed to refining its AI algorithms to reduce biased results and historical inaccuracies.
Google's decision to pause and review Gemini's talent generation capabilities reflects broader challenges in the AI ​​field to mitigate bias and ensure ethical considerations are built into AI models.
This move by Google has sparked a broader debate about the challenges of the prevention and reduction of the negative effects of cognitive biases in AI models and the ethical considerations of AI-generated content. 
It focuses on technology companies' ongoing efforts to navigate the complex interplay of innovation, expression, and social responsibility.

What is the disputed matter regarding GEMINI AI?

Google's Gemini "made a mistake with some historical photos," so Google announced it was discontinuing the feature for the time being and a new version would be available soon.
Elon Musk has also commented on Google's Gemini. 
"I'm glad Google played a role in their AI image generation, because it made their insane racist, anti-civilization programming clear to all," he wrote in a post.
Gemini has also made controversial comments on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A user had asked Google's AI chat tool Gemini whether Narendra Modi is a fascist? In response to this question, Gemini said, 'Narendra Modi is the current Prime Minister of India and also the leader of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). 
He has been accused of implementing such policies. Some experts have called it fascist. These allegations are based on many aspects. This also includes the Hindu nationalist ideology of BJP.
After this, Union Ministry representative of State for Electronics and Technology Rajiv Chandrashekhar has given a stern warning to Google regarding its AI tool Gemini. According to Rajeev, the response from AI tool Gemini is in direct violation of IT rules as well as several provisions of the Criminal Code.

is google shutting down gmail

Google's Update about Gmail

Google said on Friday that its popular email service Gmail will not be shut down. This response from Google comes after rumors spread on social media platforms that Gmail would be shut down by the end of this year.
A fake screenshot has gone viral on social media platforms showing Gmail users receiving an email from Google informing them that Gmail will be shutting down on August 1st.
Even in the modern era of WhatsApp, the question arises: How can people who rely on Gmail for official business cope with this shock? Google apologizes for AI-powered chatbot 'Gemini' Since then, word has circulated that Gmail, one of Google's flagship programs, will be shut down. This information is true!

Is Gmail shutting down?

There are many reports of Gmail shutting down. Therefore, in August 2024, you should completely turn off Gmail. 
After that, you won't be able to use the Gmail service. There have been many claims about the closure of Gmail on X, but now Elon Musk has confirmed the launch of Xmail. Afterwards, people thought that he might actually shut down Gmail, but this claim was completely false.
Gmail won't disappear. Google itself revealed this information in his post to X. Gmail said in a post that it will remain Gmail. 
In fact, this whole mess started because of a feature shutdown in Gmail. Google plans to retire the basic HTML version of Gmail, which no one uses. This was announced last September.
A screenshot of the virus reads: “For years it has connected millions of people around the world, enabling seamless communication and creating countless connections. As we promoted it, Gmail's journey is coming to an end.'' 
On August 1, 2024, Gmail will officially be retired and its service will end. We will terminate the service. 
This means Gmail no longer supports sending, receiving, and saving emails. The message said the company was preparing to shut down the globally popular Gmail later this year. One worriedly wrote: "His Gmail journey, a seamless communication medium with millions of connections around the world, is coming to an end. What will happen next?"
Other users also shared this viral letter. An investigation was conducted to uncover the truth behind this incident. 
Then the real truth was revealed. I noticed another confirmation post. I received a tweet from the Gmail X official account. 
However, it is known that Google will start closing Gmail accounts that have not been used or logged in for at least two years. 
Google will remove his Gmail, Drive, Docs, Calendar, Photos, etc. from this account.


Google has been rolling out a lot of updates and new upgrades to its algorithms since the last year. Be it personal services such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Drive, or official services such as Search Engine, Ranking system, Adsense, Ads, etc.
The key point is to keep getting updates about all Google's rollouts for which you can follow an official new source or Google's blog itself.
Regarding the topic of this article, GEMINI AI did spur a controversy which it wasn't supposed to. Gmail is not getting shut down however the former HTML version will suspend its services this year.

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