How to Get 100 Anonymity by Using HMA VPN

How to Get 100 Anonymity by Using HMA VPN


how to get full anonymity by hma vpn

How to Get 100 Percent Anonymity by Using HMA VPN

Using a VPN while browsing is very satisfying knowing that you're completely secure from all potential threats.
But does this happen? No. Cybersecurity is a vast topic and VPNs are only a part of it.
VPNs aren't capable of giving you a hundred percent anonymity or in other words protection while you browse.
Many people say that if you invest a good amount of budget in high-class VPN services, you can get complete security. But what if we say that you can still achieve it by just using a normal service such as HMA VPN?
We have some tips and tricks that you can apply to achieve complete anonymity by using a normal VPN service and without buying a costly service. Today's guide is based on this topic.
As HMA VPN is a budget-friendly service and our favorite pick, we'll be using it to tell the whole guide. However, you can use these tricks with any VPN.

Why it is Important to have a 100 Percent Anonymity?

A small piece of info before diving further into the guide. Most of our readers don't know that only having a VPN connection doesn't guarantee complete security.
There are still many things that a VPN doesn't hide that can pose potential cyber threats. We have already covered this point here: What does VPN hide?
There are a few more things to check before making a connection to a VPN. Let's see how you can make yourself anonymous online.

how to get anonymity hma vpn

Kill Switch

Kill Switch is one of the most basic and crucial security features that VPNs provide. Let's take an example to understand this.
Suppose you're browsing and suddenly your VPN connection gets lost even though your Internet connection is fine. This will happen often no matter which VPN you use.
During this time, the Internet exposes your connection and all your privacy is lost until you reconnect to the VPN.
Though you were without a VPN only for a short period, still cyber attacks were probable.
Kill Switch prevents these dangers by disconnecting you from the Internet while it gains reconnection to the VPN. You can easily find and enable this feature in the account settings.

how to get anonymity hma vpn

IP Shuffle

Just below the Kill Switch feature, you can find the option to enable IP Shuffle. The procedure for this feature is quite simple.
When you connect to a VPN, you get a distinct, unique IP address from the VPN service provider each time you connect to any server.
IP Shuffle automatically changes your IP address in regular intervals (30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 Hours, custom time range). You can set the time interval that you want.

Change Date and Time

This is a very special trick that we use each time to achieve a hundred percent anonymity when using a VPN. And the best part is that you will not find this trick anywhere!
The trick is simple yet highly effective. After connecting to the VPN, all you have to do is, go to the system settings on your PC.
Go to Date and Time settings. Turn off the 'Set Time Automatically' option. Then set the time zone of your PC to that of the server to which you have connected.
For example, if you connect to the Australia server in HMA VPN, then set the time zone of your PC to the Australian time zone.
After this, visit the Whoer privacy website. You can check your anonymity there. If the site displays 100 percent, it means you have achieved complete anonymity. Now you are free from all cyber threats.

how to get anonymity hma vpn

Disc Cleanup

This is one more short yet simple trick. After you finish all your work and disconnect from the VPN and Internet, just do a small task.
Open your start bar, and search for Disc Cleanup. Open Disc Cleanup, select 'C: Drive', and then select clean.
What happens is that whenever you do any browsing or Internet-related task, your browser and cache data are stored in your PC's C: Drive. Doing Disc Cleanup cleans these files.


All the tricks that we shared in the guide are ingenious meaning that you'll not find them anywhere on the web. These are our tricks.
We have personally used them to achieve 100 percent anonymity and safety from potential cyber threats. You can also achieve that by following our tips. If you have any doubts, kindly comment and we will be happy to respond.

Myself Siddharth Keswani, or you can call Sid. I've been working in the cybersecurity space for 5 years. I've done a diploma in M.sc. (Hons) from Information Technology. Well, I love to write about VPNs and Wi-Fis.